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Thai Geography

Learn Thai: Why Pattaya ?

Kun Chûa Rǔ Maí?

(Believe it or not!!!!!)

The Pattaya Bay Area is one of Asia’s largest beach resorts and the most visited city in Thailand after Bangkok.

A 91-floor Ocean One Tower is the tallest building in Thailand and one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.

The Jomtien district is the location of one of the largest resorts in Asia.

Hah Ha ha…………………Now

Share the world what you have experienced in this city.

Many people would tell their stories differently.

I would like to hear the funniest, craziest and the most interesting story.

Can’t wait to hear……..

BTW…. Who’s going to Pattaya Music Festival on 19-21 March?

Raise your hands up!!!



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