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Thai Slang

Learn Thai Slang | Too Much | Annoying | เยอะ yә́

By February 15, 2012July 7th, 2018No Comments

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Slang …Too Much!

Hi everyone.

In this blog, I would like to teach you some Thai slang เยอะ /yә́/

เยอะ /yә́/ direct meaning is a lot, many but you can also use the word เยอะ /yә́/ when you think that someone does something too much or too annoying.


For example

นี่! อย่ามาเยอะกับฉันนะ /nîi! yàa maa yә́gàp chán ná/

(Hey!! Don’t be too annoying with me!)

A: ฉันชอบเขาจริงๆ นะ  อยากเจอเขาทุกวินาที /chán chɔ̂ɔp káo jing jing ná, yàak jәә káo túk wí-naa-tii/

(I really like him. I want to to see him every second!)

B: เยอะ!! /yә́!!!/ (Too much!!!)

This slang is for fun. You can use with your Thai friend. Enjoy!

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