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Learn Thai Slang | วีน wiin | Tantrum

How to talk about Tantrum | Anger | Thai Language

Anger | having a

Tantrum using

Thai Slang

Hi everyone

In this online Thai lesson I have some more Thai slang for you.

In my last online lesson, we talked about the Thai slang เหวี่ยง /wìang/ = anger / to be upset or can be used to describe a bully. However, in this Thai lesson we will talk about the word วีน /wiin. It is similar to เหวี่ยง /wìang/but describes a much more extreme anger such as a tantrum.

The slang วีน /wiin/ is similar to “throw a tantrum” in English. It happens when you are angry and show your anger directly without any other consideration about anything else.

For example:
วันนี้ลูกค้าวีนเรื่องอาหารไม่อร่อย /wan-níi lûuk-káa wiin rᵾ̂ang aa-hǎan mâi à-rɔ̀i/
Today the customer threw a tantrum that the food is not tasty.

เขากำลังวีนใส่แท็กซี่ที่ไม่ใช้มิเตอร์ /káo wiin tɛ́k-sîi tii mâi chái mí-dtә̂ә/
He/ She is throwing a tantrum at the taxi driver as he does not use the taxi meter.

อย่าวีนบ่อยนะคะ ไม่น่ารักเลย /yàa wiin bɔ̀i ná ká, mâi nâa-rák lәәi/
Don’t throw a tantrum too often, it’s not nice (lovely).

Hope you enjoyed learning a little Thai slang and that you do not throw a tantrum learning Thai with us!

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Hope to see you in my next online Thai lesson.

Thai Language Teacher