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Thai Phrases | Love, Marriage and Couples

Love proverbs
Thai love
Love proverbs are many In the Thai language. Often you will not hear of these proverbs in your Thai Language School so let’s take a look at the following proverbs…this will help you to describe the situations and matters in a short and easy way. I think these will be of interest to you.


which literally means “the bottom of the rice pot is not black yet”

= to break up too soon (after the marriage)

กินน้ำพริกถ้วยเก่า (gin-nám-prík-tuây-gaò)

which literally means “eat the chili paste in the same bowl”

= to go back to the old wife/partner


which literally means “do good karma together in the previous life….share the same bowl of rice when offering food to monks”

= To be together because of doing good karma together in the previous life

คลุมถุงชน (klum-tŭng-chon)

which literally means “cover with the bags to hit each other”

= to hold a blind marriage

น้ำตาลใกล้มด ใครจะอดได้(nám-dtaan-glâi-mód….krai-jà-ohd-dâi)

which literally means “sugar near ants…..who can restrain themselves?”

= when man and woman are together, things can happen


which literally means “red ant hidden in the bunch of mangoes”

= a man who is a secret admirer of a woman next door/in neighborhood and try to keep her from other men

ผัวหาบเมียคอน (puă-haàb-mia-kawn)

which literally means “husband hawks..wife carries”

= a couple who helps each other to make an income


which literally means “gold leaf…jade leaf”

= a couple who are a very good match


which literally means “the procession of wedding parade was not taken place”

= a woman whom her wedding is called off

เสนห์ปลายจวัก (sà-nèh-bplaai-jà-wàk)

which literally means “the charm of the ladle”

= a woman who makes a man fall in love with her because of her cooking talent

ตกล่องปล่องชิ้น (dtòk-lâwng-bplàwng-chín)

which literally means “fall in a aflue”

= decide to be together/ to get married

ถ่านไฟเก่า (taàn-fai-gaò)

which literally means “old flame”

= a person that you loved or had relationship with in the past

ทองแผ่นเดียว (tawng-paèn-diaw)

Which literally means “single gold leaf”

= two families related to each other through the wedding of their children


which literally means “join the bride house….go inside the building”

= got married/ be husband and wife

Hope you enjoy learning about these proverbs and putit in good use when speaking Thai…

Kru Mulan

(Thai Language Teacher)

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