Learn the Thai Alphabet: Classes of Consonants (Paired-Low Class)

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Let’s have a little review. There are 44 consonants in Thai Language Alphabet which are divided into 3 classes.

1. Middle Class
2. High Class
3. Low Class

Today I would like to continue to the Low Class Consonants (LC)

The nature of LC is middle tone with the air release (aspirate) . There are 2 kinds of LC which are;

3.1 Paired
3.2 Unpaired

LC Paired mean the sound of the consonants have the same sound as the HC consonants but in LC is pronounced as middle tone but in HC is pronounced as rising.

There are 14 consonants in LC Paired

ค. ควาย        /kor kwaai/        

ฅ. คน           /kor kon/

ฆ. ระฆัง       /kor rá-kang/

ช. ช้าง         /chor cháang/writing Thai, Thai scripts, Writing Thai

ฌ. เฌอ       /chor cher/

ท. ทหาร     /tor tá-hăan/

ธ. ธง           /tor tong/

ฒ. ผู้เฒ่า    /tor pûu-tâo/

ฑ. มณโฑ   /tor mon-toh/

พ. พาน      /por paan/

ภ. สำเภา     /por săm-pao/

ฟ. ฟัน        /for fan/

ซ. โซ่         /sor sôh/

ฮ. นกฮูก    /hor nók-hûuk/

**Notice The consonant ฅ is not used in Thai writing anymoreใ

Next time we will continue learning Thai alphabets through the Low Class Consonants, Unpaired.

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