Learn the Thai Alphabet: Classes of Thai Consonants (High Class)

High Class Thai Consonants

Hi, how was my last bog about the Thai Alphabet?

Let’s review a bit before we continue, there are 44 Consonants in the Thai Alphabet which are divided into 3 classes;

1. Middle Class
2. High Class
3. Low Class

Today I would like to continue to the High Class Consonants (HC)

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The nature of HC is rising tone with the air release (aspirate) . There are 11 consonants in this class;

ข. ไข่        /kŏr kài/

ฃ. ขวด      /kŏr kùat/***

ฉ. ฉิ่ง        /chŏr chìng/

ถ. ถุง        /tŏr tŭng/

ฐ. ฐาน       /tŏr tăan/

ผ. ผึ้ง        /pŏr pûng/

ฝ. ฝา        /fŏr făa/

ส. เสือ      /sŏr sŭa/

ศ. ศาลา   /sŏr sǎa laa/

ษ. ฤาษี    /sŏr ruu-laa/

ห. หีบ      /hŏr hìip/

**Notice The Thai consonant ฃ is not used in Thai writing anymore.

Next time we will continue learning the Thai alphabets ith the Low Class Consonants. Want to learn more about the Alphabet then try our page here https://www.thailanguagehut.com/the-thai-language/thai-alphabet/

Please keep practicing 🙂

Thai Language Teacher