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Hi.. I hope you enjoyed learning the Thai Alphabet from my last blogs.
Let’s have a little review again.
There are 44 consonants in Thai Language Alphabet which are divided into 3 classes;

1. Middle Class
2. High Class
3. Low Class

Today I would like to continue to the last 10 Thai consonants in the Low Class Consonants (LC)

The nature of LC is middle tone with the air release (aspirate) . There are 2 kinds of LC which are;

3.1 Paired
3.2 Unpaired

The consonants in unpaired-LC are new sounds, not in paired with anyone.
There are 10 consonants in Unpaired-LC as these following;

ม. ม้า      /mor máa/        

น. หนู      /nor nŭu/

ณ. เณร    /nor nehn/

ง. งู         /ngor nguu/

ย. ยักษ์     /yor yák/

ญ. หญิง    /yor yĭng/

ร. เรือ      /ror rua/

ล. ลิง       /lor ling/

ฬ. จุฬา     /lor jù-laa/

ว. แหวน     /wor wăen/

Congratulations! Now you know all Thai consonants! Hope you have fun with Thai alphabet! There is more about the Thai Alphabet here https://www.thailanguagehut.com/the-thai-language/thai-alphabet/

Please keep practicing 🙂

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