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Learn Thai: Questions to Ask for Advice

Asking for AdviceLanguage Questions Ask Advice in Thai

When you would like to ask for advice, we use this pattern

[    Question word + dii    ]


rao jà súu à-rai dii?      เราจะซื้ออะไรดี     What shall we buy?

rao jà bpai gin kâao tîi nǎi dii?   เราจะไปกินข้าวที่ไหนดี    Where shall we go to eat?

tam yang-ngai dii?   ทำยังไงดี   What shall I do?



A : pǒm jà rian paa-sǎa à-rai dii?

B : rian paa-sǎa Thai kâ

A : rian tîi nǎi dii?

B : tîi rohng-rian Thai language hut kâ ^_^


Hope you enjoyed learning Thai!

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By Jang
Thai Language Teacher

Global Online language school