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Thai Food

Learn Thai: Pumpkin / fúg-tong / ฟักทอง

Pumpkin / fúg-tong / ฟักทอง

Learn ThaiThai Pumpkins are large, round winter squashes with Dark Green or Brown-Gray skins and orange flesh. The variety known as the sugar pumpkin has sweet flesh.

In Thai cooking, it is commonly used in dessert but is also used in savoury dishes.

Canned pumpkin puree is widely available and can easily be made from fresh pumpkin


Fúg-tong               ฟักทอง               pumpkin

Fúg                         ฟัก                    gourd

Tong                       ทอง                   gold

Nám dtaan            น้ำตาล              sugar

Sòd                          สด                 fresh

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