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Learn Thai | Invitation | chən+Verb เชิญ

Invitation – chən+Verb เชิญ

Sawàtdii kâ,Invitation in Thai

Hi every one welcome back again on our Thai Online lesson. Today we will learn how to invite someone to do something OR you let/guide someone to do something in Thai.

Here is a pattern of Invitation in Thai:

chən + Verb

** You can drop the “Verb “ and say only “chən”

The word “chən” is mean “invite or welcome” so if you walk into the restaurant  you may hear a waiter or waitress  say “ chən kâ/kráp” that mean they are invite you to come in or welcome you.

These are some “Verb” to practice:

kâo-maa(เข้ามา)                            =  come in

dtaam- sàbaai  (ตามสบาย)         =  make yourself at home

nâng   (นั่ง)                                       = to sit


Situation 1 : If someone knocking the door .

A:Knock ,knock , knock …..(ก๊อก ก๊อก ก๊อก )

B: Chən kâo maa .เชิญเข้ามา. Please come in.

Situation 2:If someone come to meet you for the first time at home.

A:sàwàt dii kâ,chán maa pòp(to meet) kun Nut kâ.สวัสดีค่ะ ฉันมาพบคุณนัทค่ะ .

Hello, I come to meet  kun Nut.

B:Chən nâng kâ.เชิญนั่งค่ะ.Please take a seat.

OR:  Chən dtaam sà-baai ná kâ.เชิญตามสบายนะคะ. Please make yourself at home.

Hope every one enjoy learning Thai with Thai Language Hut na ka.


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