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Thai Vocabulary

How to talk about different types of room in Thai language

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|Room ห้อง

Hi everyone,
In this Thai lesson, we will learn some Thai vocabulary about rooms. There are many different types of room – here are some to get you started.
To say “room” in the Thai language is ห้อง /hɔ̂ɔng/

Thai Room Vocabulary

ห้องนอน /hɔ̂ɔng-nɔɔn/ = bedroom

ห้องน้ำ /hɔ̂ɔng-nám/ = bathroom, toilet

ห้องนั่งเล่น /hɔ̂ɔng-nâng-lên/ = living room

ห้องครัว /hɔ̂ɔng-krua/ = kitchen

ห้องเรียน /hɔ̂ɔng-rian/ = classroom

ห้องประชุม /hɔ̂ɔng-bprà-chum/ = meeting room

ห้องทำงาน /hɔ̂ɔng-tam-ngaan/ = office, studio

ห้องกินข้าว /hɔ̂ɔng-gin-kâao/ = dining room

ห้องเก็บของ /hɔ̂ɔng-gèp-kɔ̌ɔng/  = storeroom
Now you can address many different types of room in Thai correctly. Try this when giving some directions in Thai …now, where is that toilet!

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I hope you enjoyed my lesson.

Thai Language Teacher