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Thai Language Hut Teams Up with Paiboon Publishing

Thai Language Hut Teams Up with Paiboon Publishing to Offer a Unique Results Driven Learn Thai Online/Offline Program

Bangkok (June 28, 2012) – Thai Language Hut, a leading private Thai & English Language School on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok is proud to announce the launch of the new, ‘Mix and & Match’ Learn Thai Online / School (Off-line) Thai Language Program based on the high quality materials developed by Paiboon Publishing the leading publisher of Thai language learning materials.

Over the last 4 years Thai Language Hut Language School has developed a mixed online/school program to learn Thai, which has proven highly successful. The development based on student feedback has involved professionals of all levels and nationalities notably within education, airline industry and senior management who recognize the huge value to be had from flexible on-call private training. The school is the first language school in the world, we know of, to combine school based and online language lessons with the professional Paiboon Publishing Thai language course materials.

“Students get a great package. Professional training based on excellent materials delivered how and when the student wants to learn Thai. This flexibility means Thai language students never miss a lesson both protecting the student’s investment in their personalized language course and ensuring students do not miss chunks of learning so they build their knowledge steadily and effectively.” Pawana Shee, Director at Thai Language Hut enthused.

The take up of the Mix and Match Learn Thai Online / Offline learning program has been so successful that now some 70% of Thai Language Hut’s business is delivered in this way from a zero base in only four years. Courses are also open for 1 year allowing students to purchase in the confidence they will have time to fully use all their lessons.

“The success speaks for itself, 80% of students rebook; a major customer endorsement. Paiboon Publishing is pleased to be associated with Thai Language Hut and we wish them well with their Mix and Match Learn Thai Online / Offline Program.” Benjawan Poomsan Becker, Author and President of Paiboon Publishing.

About Us

Thai Language Hut established in 2006 is a specialized school delivering flexible private Online/Offline language learning solutions for Thai and English from its base in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. The school is owned by Cambridge Language Consultants Co., Ltd a Thai company; people with a passion for imparting language to language learners.

Paiboon Publishing was established in 1996 in Berkeley, California, USA by Benjawan Poomsan Becker. The company also has an office in Bangkok. The unique Thai/Western links has helped Paiboon Publishing produce and publish high quality, user-friendly language books, audio, Smartphone apps and other learning materials that allow people to learn and communicate effectively. Our products are sold in bookstores throughout Thailand, on-line direct from our office in the US and distributors in Europe.