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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | At the Hairdressers | Barbershop

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Hairdresser Phrases and Vocabulary in Thai

Hair Dressers |


Thai Vocabulary

Sàwàtdii kâ,

Today I would like to go to a barbershop | hairdressers to get a new hairdo, would you like to go with me?

But first I will teach you some useful vocabulary that we are can use at the hairdressers. Are you ready? Here we go!

ร้านตัดผม /ráan dtàt pǒm/
= Barbershop or Hairdressers

ทรงผม /song-pǒm/
= Hairstyle

ตัดผม /dtàt pǒm/
= To get a haircut

Easy Thaiตัดหน้าม้า /dtàt nâa máa/
= To have a forelock hairstyle

สระผม /sà-pǒm/
= To wash hair

ไดร์ผม /dai pǒm/
= To dry hair

ยืดผม /yûut pǒm/
= Hair straightening

ดัดผม /dàt pǒm/
= To curl hair

ทำสีผม /tam-sǐi-pǒm/
= To do hair colour

ทำทรงไหนดี /tam song nǎi dii/
= Which hairstyle shall I get?

เล็มเฉยๆ /lem chә̌әi-chә̌әi/
= Trim only

ตรงนี้สั้นเกินไป /dtrong nií sân gәәn-bpai/
= Here is too short

แก้ตรงนี้ได้ไหม /gɛ̂ɛ dtrong-nií dâi mái/
= Can you fix here?

Thai PhrasesHope you enjoy learning Thai. Don’t forget to show me your new haircut 🙂

Thai Language Teacher