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Learn Thai | Particle Word | จ๊ะ já

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Thai Particle Word JaHow to use the Thai Particle Word Ja

The word จ๊ะ /já/ is a particle having the same function as ‘ครับ /kráp/’ and ‘คะ /ká/’ but can be used by both men and women (although women and ladyboys seem to use it more than men). You will hear this particle used a lot in common Thai speech.

The particle is used to soften a sentence and to make more polite.  Friends and people who are close to each other can use จ๊ะ /já/ instead of ครับ /kráp/ and คะ /ká/. It can be used when talking to children, inferiors or intimates. Also, จ๊ะ /já/ can be used as a final particle used when asking a question – it turns a statement into a question.

For example;

กินอะไรจ๊ะ /gin à-rai já/               = What do you eat?he

ทำอะไรอยู่จ๊ะ /tam à-rai yùu já/    = What are you doing?

ไปไหมจ๊ะ /bpai mái já/                = Do you want to go?

พลอยจ๊ะ /ploy já/                       = Ploy! (Calling Ploy)

หนูชื่ออะไรจ๊ะ /nǔu chûu à-rai já/  = What is your name? (หนู /nǔu/ is for calling a little child)

I hope this will help you Speak Thai more naturally like a native Thai.

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