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Thai Slang

Thai Slang | แรง rɛɛng !!! | Outrageous | Crazy or Too Strong

How do you tell someone that they

are being Too Strong or Too Crazy

in Thai Slang


Too Much | Outrageous in Thai

Attribute Daily Mail UK – Paris’s legendary Crazy Horse cabaret show – London Southbank

Hi everyone

In this Learn Thai lesson, we will learn some fun Thai slang.

The Thai slang for today is แรง!! /rɛɛng/


The direct translation of this word แรง /rɛɛng/ is strong.

For example:

วันนี้ลมแรง /wan-níi lom-rɛɛng/

Today is windy. (= Today the wind is strong.)

But แรง!! /rɛɛng/  used as slang means “offensive”, “outrageous” “crazy” or “too direct”. It’s like you don’t care what other people think of you.



A: วันนี้เธอสวยมาก /wan-níi tәә sǔay mâak/

= You are very beautiful today.

B: ขอบใจจ้ะ /kɔ̀ɔp-jai jâ/

= Thanks.

A: แต่น้อยกว่าฉัน เพราะฉันสวยที่สุด /dtɛ̀ɛ nɔ́ɔi gwàa chán prɔ́ wâa chán sǔay tîi sùt/

= But less than me because I am the most beautiful.

B: แรง!! /rɛɛng/

= Offensive!

Example 2:

A: เมื่อวานฉันงานเข้า /mᵾ̂a-waan chán ngaan kâo/

= I was in a trouble yesterday!

B: เกิดอะไรขึ้น /gә̀әt à-rai kᵾ̂n?/

= What happened?

A: เจอแฟนตอนไปกินข้าวเย็น /jәә fɛɛn dtɔɔn bpai gin kâao yen/

= I met my boyfriend when I went to have a dinner.

B: ฮะ! แล้วไง /há? lɛ́ɛw ngai?/

= Huh? So what?

A: ฉันไปกับกิ๊ก /chán bpai gàp gík/

= I went with my secret lover!

B: แรง!! /rɛɛng/

= Outrageous!

Hope you enjoy Thai slang!

This slang is for fun. You can use with your Thai friend! Have fun!

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Look forward to seeing you in my next Thai lesson.

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