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Learn Thai Poem | The 20 words with the letter ใ

Learn Thai Poem | Grammar Rules | สระไอ ไม้ม้วน

Thai Vowels – สระ ไอ ไม้ม้วน sà-à ai mái múan – The 20 words – Learn Thai Poem

Learn Thai Poem to explain the rules of ‘ใ’  sà-à ai mái múan. Every language has it’s peculiarities and Thai is no exception. Due to historical circumstances, the Thai language has now emerged as having two letter ‘i’s’. There is the commonly used ‘ไ / ai mái má-laai / and the less commonly used ‘ใ’  sà-à ai mái múan. The reasons for this are widely debated but in short, the origins of ใ are said to be from Cambodian or Laos origin. This is only used for 20 words in the Thai Language so it is simple to learn and quite impressive to show this knowledge with Thai friends. Have a go.

To help memorize the 20 words with สระ ไอ ไม้ม้วน /sà-rà ai mái múan/, Thai children learn a poem in school, in which all these 20 words occur:

ผู้ใหญ่ หาผ้าใหม่ ให้สะใภ้ ใช้คล้องคอ

/pûu-yài hǎa pâa mài hâi sà-pái chái klɔ́ɔng kɔɔ/

a grown-up looks for new cloth for his daughter-in-law to wear around her neck

ใฝ่ใจ เอาใส่ห่อ มิหลงใหล ใครขอดู

/fài jai ao sài hɔ̀ɔ mí lǒng-lǎi krai kɔ̌ɔ duu/

He carefully put it in a wrap and not fell for it if anyone asks to have a look

จะใคร่ ลงเรือใบ ดูน้ำใส และปลาปู

/jà krâi long rʉa-bai duu náam-sǎi lɛ́ bplaa bpuu/

Would like to get on a sailing boat to see clear water, see fish and crab

สิ่งใด อยู่ในตู้ มิใช่อยู่ ใต้ตั่งเตียง

/sìng dai yùu nai dtûu mí châi yùu dtâi dtàng dtiang/

Whatever is in a cupboard is not under a bed

บ้าใบ้ ถือใยบัว หูตามัว มาใกล้เคียง

/bâa bâi tʉ̌ʉ yai-bua hǔu dtaa mua maa glâi kiang/

A crazy guy carrying gossamer his blurry ears and eyes are coming closer

เล่าท่องอย่าละเลี่ยง 20 ม้วนจำจงดี

/lâo tɔ̂ng yàa lá lîang yîi-sìp múan jam jong dii/

Chanting this poem, do not avoid 20 “ai” do remember them

Vocabulary with sà-à ai mái múan





yài big
ใหม่ mài



sà-pái daughter in law
ใช้ chái

to use


fài pay attention to…
ใจ jai

heart, mind, soul


sài to put
หลงใหล lăi



krai who?
ใคร่ kâi

want, desire


bai leaf
ใส săi

clear (transparent)


dai which
ใน nai



châi yes
ใต้ dtâi



bâi deaf
ใย yai

web, fibre




Learn Thai Poem rules for ‘ใ’  sà-à ai mái múan should give you all the knowledge of ใ. If you would like to learn more Thai we have over 450 lessons and 250 videos please have a look and like our content or comment on our lessons. You can follow our updates by liking our LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Twitter pages.

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