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Learn Thai: Parts of the day

Times of the Day                                part of the day

Dtɔɔn means section or period of time. It occurs commonly with the words for morning, afternoon, evening etc. Note that when referring to the time when an action takes place, Thai does not need the word for “in”

dtɔɔn-cháao                               morning, in the morning

dtɔɔn-tîang                                 midday, in the midday

dtɔɔn-bàai                                   afternoon, in the afternoon

dtɔɔn-yen                                    evening, in the evening

dtɔɔn glaang-wan                      daytime, in the daytime

dtɔɔn glaang kuun                     night time,  at night

Time expressions can occur at the beginning or end of a sentence, as in English:

1.dtccn-yen pǒm ja bpai kâang -nɔɔk.ตอนเย็นผมจะไปข้างนอก. In the evening I will go out.

2.Pǒm duum gaafɛɛ dtɔɔn-cháao.ผมดื่มกาแฟตอนเช้า.I drink coffee in the morning.

3.káo chɔɔp rian paa-sǎa Thai dtɔɔn bàai.เขาชอบเรียนภาษาไทยตอนบ่าย. She likes to learn Thai in the afternoon.

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