Learn Speak Thai: Particle word – นะ /ná/

By July 25, 2011Speak Thai

นะ/ná/ is a very commonly used Thai Particle word commonly applied at the end of a sentence in several ways.

1. It is used to make the statement softer and gentler, especially if the statement is a command.

Example (dtua yàang)

  • หยุดนะ(yùt ná) =  Stop!
  • อย่านะ(yàa ná) =  Don’t do it!/ Please don’t!
  • ไปเดี๋ยวนี้นะ(bpai dĭao níi ná) =  Go now!

2. It is used with other verbs to imply that the speaker is persuading, suggesting or asking for agreement.

Example (dtua yàang)

  • ไม่เป็นไรนะ(mâi bpen rai ná) =  Don’t worry./It’s okey.
  • ไปด้วยกันนะ(bpai dûai gan ná) =  Let’s go together. / Shall we go together?
  • คนนั้นหล่อนะ(kon nán lɔ̀ɔ ná) =  That person is handsome, isn’t he?

3. It is used with a question to imply a sense of mildness and gentleness.

Example (dtua yàang)

  • อะไรนะ(à-rai ná) =  Pardon? What was that again?
  • ใครนะ(krai ná) =  Who was that again?
  • ทำไมนะ(tam mai ná) =Why?

and this expression you will hear.

learn thai particle word naรักนะ จุ๊บ จุ๊บ(rák ná júp júp) =  Love you, kiss kiss. ^-^

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher