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Learn Thai | Yam Wun Sen | Spicy Glass Noodle Salad

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Spicy Glass Noodle SaladGlass Noodle Salad in Thai

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Today I would like to introduce you to Thai food, Yam Wun Sen!!!

This salad commonly includes minced pork, prawns and/or squid. You can add lime juice, fish sauce, sugar and fresh chilies. The flavors chosen for this salad can vary depending on personal perference. Some may like it sour, some may not. Some would perfer spicy and salty, but less sour. The freshness of cilantro adds a touch of herbal aroma that goes perfectly with the other ingredients. For those who like mushrooms, the wood ear mushroom is often a preferred choice.

Yam Wun Sen Vocabulary

ยำวุ้นเส้น /yam wún-sèn/ = Glass Noodles Spicy Salad

วุ้นเส้น     /wún sên/       glass noodle
หมูสับ     /mǔu sàp/       minced pork
กุ้ง           /gûng/               prawn
ปลาหมึก /bplaa mùk/   squid
น้ำมะนาว /nám-má-naao/  lime juice
น้ำปลา    /nám-bplaa/    fish sauce
น้ำตาล    /nám-dtaan/   sugar
พริกสด   /prík sòt/     fresh chilies
เปรี้ยว     /bprîaw/      sour
เผ็ด         /pèt/              spicy
เค็ม         /kem/            salty
เห็ด         /hèt/              mushroom

Hope this Thai food is interesting for you!

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