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Taxi Thai

How to give Taxi Thai directions

Thai Taxi Situation 1

You: (open the door and sit in) Go to Siam Paragon
Taxi driver: No no no, my shift is over. Also, the traffic is so bad there, so I cannot go!
You: (open the door and get off)

Thai Taxi Situation 2

You: Siam Paragon, please.
Taxi driver: OK.
..1 kilometre further..
You: How much?
Taxi driver: 500 baht!
Have you ever had these problems before? In this blog, we will learn some useful phrases that you can use when you talk to a taxi driver to avoid these problems and some vocabulary to help you give instructions to the driver.
1. ไป…..ไหม (คะ/ ครับ) bpai…mái (ká/kráp)? = Do you go to…………….?
I think it might be better if you ask them first if they want to go that way. For some reason, some drivers do not want to go there .
2. ช่วยใช้มิเตอร์ด้วยได้ไหม (คะ/ ครับ) chûay chái mí-dtә̂ә dûay dâi mái (ká/kráp)? = Could you use the meter, please?
Some taxis might not use the meter, so always ask them to use it. If they refuse, you can find another one.
3. If you know directions, you can use the following direction vocabulary:

Thai Taxi Vocabulary

ตรงไป dtrong-bpai = go straight


líaw sáai = turn left เลี้ยวขวา

líaw kwǎa = turn right

ผ่าน/ เลย pàan / lәәi = pass

ไฟแดง fai-dɛɛng = traffic light

แล้วก็ lɛ́ɛw-gɔ̂ = and then

ซอย sɔɔi = street

เข้าซอย kâo sɔɔi = enter the Soi

ปากซอย bpàak sɔɔi = beginning of the Soi

กลางซอย glaang sɔɔi = middle of the Soi

สุดซอย sùt sɔɔi = end of the Soi

จอดที่นี่/ จอดตรงนี้ jɔ̀ɔt tîi-nîi / jɔ̀ɔt dtrong-níi = stop here
For example:

เลยไฟแดงแล้วก็เลี้ยวซ้ายเข้าซอย / lәәi fai-dɛɛng lɛ́ɛw-gɔ̂ líaw sáai kâo sɔɔi/ = pass the traffic light and then turn left to enter the Soi

You now know how to give instructions to a taxi driver in the Thai language. I hope this will be useful to you when travelling in Thailand. Please comment on this blog if you like it.

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