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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai Vocabulary | กอด Hug

กอด HugHug Vocabulary in Thai | Learn Online

Hi everybody today.

I have very lovely picture to help you learn more about Thai Vocabulary. 

I hope you will like and enjoy learning Thai with us.

Thai Hug Vocabulary – คำศัพท์ (kam-sàp)

กอด (gͻ̀ͻt) – hug

ร้องไห้ (rͻ́ͻng-hâi) – cry

ยิ้ม (yím) – smile

รัก (rák) – love

พี่สาว (pîi-sǎaw) – elder sister

น้องชาย (nͻ́ͻng-chaai) – young brother


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By Prae

Thai Language Teacher