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Thai Vocabulary

Learn Thai |Compound Words | Fee, Price, Cost or Value |ค่า kâa

How to talk about Fee,

Price, Cost or Value

using the Thai

Compound Word ค่า

The word  “ค่า /kâa/” is a noun meaning “fee(for), cost, price or value. It’s used in compound words that refer to prices, amounts of money or charges for things. This is a very useful word to take a noun and then by applying the word kâa in front of it you are asking about it’s price.

For example;

ค่าอาหาร /kâa aa-hǎan/   = the money you pay for food, charge for food

ค่าใช้จ่าย /kâa chái jàai/   = expenses

ค่าเช่า /kâa châo/   = rent, rental fee

ค่าจ้าง /kâa jâang/   = wages, pay

ค่าแรง /kâa rɛɛng/   = cost of labor, labor charge

ค่าน้ำ /kâa náam/   = charge for water

ค่าไฟ /kâa fai/   = charge for electricity

ค่าปรับ /kâa bpràp/   = charge paid for a fine

I hope you enjoyed this short Thai lesson.

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher