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Learn Speak Thai | Question particle – เหรอ /rə̌ə/

Learn Speak Thai Question particle – เหรอ /rə̌ə/

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The question particle เหรอ/rə̌ə/ is a question particle, used in questions which are seeking confirmation of assumption. Answers to เหรอ /rə̌ə/questions are formed as follows:

Yes: kráp/kâ (+VERB)  or  VERB + kráp/kâ

No:   mâi + VERB  or  bplào + kráp/kâ (+ mâi + VERB) *

* Note bplào conveys a stronger sense of denying the assumption made in the question; to avoid abruptness, it may be followed by a further clarifying statement.

Q: bpàet-sìp bàat rə̌ə kâ?   แปดสิบบาทเหรอค่ะ = Eighty baht, eh?

A: kâ/kráp.  ค่ะ/ครับ = Yes.

              mâi/ bplào kâ(kráp). gâo-sìp.  ไม่/ เปล่าค่ะ(ครับ) เก้าสิบบาท = No./ No, Ninety baht.

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher