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Thai Grammar

Thai Question Word | How many? | กี่

Question Word กี่ ‘How many?’Thai Question Words

Question word กี่ ‘How many? follow the pattern ‘Verb + (Noun) + กี่ /gìi/ + Classifier’.

The answer normally consists of ‘Number + Classifier’.

For example:

Q: How many cups of coffee do you want?

(คุณจะ) เอากาแฟกี่แก้ว

/(kun jà) ao gaa-fɛɛ gìi gɛ̂ɛo/

A: Two.


/sɔ̌ɔng gɛ̂ɛo/

Q: How many children do you have?

(คุณมี) ลูกกี่คน

/(kun) mii lûuk gìi kon/

A: One.


/nùng kon/

Q: How many days are you going for?

(คุณจะ) ไปกี่วัน

/(kun jà) bpai gìi wan/

A: Seven.


/jèt wan/

I hope this short Thai lesson is useful to you.

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher