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Learn Thai | Had Better | Adverb Auxiliary

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How to say Had Better in Thai |  น่าจะ nâa jàThai Auxillary Verb

Hi everyone,

In this online lesson, we will learn about the Adverb Auxiliary “น่าจะ /nâa jà/”.

“น่าจะ /nâa jà/” means ‘had better’, but sometimes “น่าจะ…..ดีกว่า /nâa jà…..dii gwàa/” is also used alternatively.

For example;

1.เราน่าจะไปรถไฟฟ้า /rao nâa jà bpai rót fai fáa/

= We had better go by sky train.

2. คุณน่าจะไปพรุ่งนี้ดีกว่า /kun nâa jà bpai prûng-níi dii gwàa/

= You had better go tomorrow.

3. พวกเขาน่าจะมาถึงแต่เช้า /pûak-káo nâa jà maa tǔng dtɛ̀ɛ cháo/

= They had better come early.

4. เขาน่าจะโทรมาบอกผมก่อน /káo nâa jà too maa bɔ̀ɔk pǒm gɔ̀ɔn/

= He/She had better phone to tell me first.

5. คุณน่าจะพักที่นี่ดีกว่า /kun nâa jà pák tîi nîi dii gwàa/

= You had better stay here.

6. ผมน่าจะถ่ายรูปไว้ /pǒm nâa jà tàai rûup wái/

= I had better take some picture and keep them with me.

7. เราน่าจะซื้อขนมมาด้วย  /rao nâa jà sʉ́ʉ kà-nǒm maa dûai/

= We had better buy some snacks.

8. เขาน่าจะมากับเรา /káo nâa-jà maa gàp rao/

= He had better come with us.

Grammar made easy for learner of Thai

9. เราน่าจะอ่านหนังสือ /rao nâa-jà àan nǎng-sʉ̌ʉ/

= We had better read a book.

10. พวกเขาน่าจะอยู่ที่บ้าน /pûak-káo nâa-jà yùu tîi bâan/

= They had better stay at home.

I hope you learned something new Thai Grammar here had better! 🙂

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