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Learn Thai | Alone | คนเดียว kon-diaw

Alone | คนเดียวAlone in Thai language

Sà-wàt-dii kâ.

How did you like my last blog? Today we will learn how to say “alone” in Thai. Let’s speak some Thai together!

To say that someone does something alone, in the Thai language we say, คนเดียว /kon-diaw/.

The pattern is;

Subject + Verb + Object + คนเดียว /kon-diaw/

For example

คุณมาลีไปเชียงใหม่คนเดียว /kun Maa-lii bpai chiang-mài kon-diaw/
= Maalii goes to Chiangmai alone.

ฉันอยากอยู่คนเดียว /chán yàak yùu kon-diaw/
= I want to stay alone.

Notice: The word “คนเดียว /kon-diaw/” has a little bit different sense from “เอง /eeng/”. “คนเดียว /kon-diaw/” is like you are alone, nobody is with you at the moment that you do that action but  “เอง /eeng/” is like you are the person who does that action without any help from somebody else ie did this by myself.

For example

เขาขับรถมาทำงานเอง /káo kàp-rót maa tam-ngaan eeng/
= He drives to work by himself. (He is the one who drives, nobody drives for him.)

เขาขับรถมาทำงานคนเดียว /káo kàp-rót maa tam-ngaan kon-diaw/
= He drives to work alone. (He drives to work and nobody is with him.)

ฉันเรียนภาษาไทยเอง /chán rian paa-sǎa thai eeng/
= I learn Thai by myself. (I study and teach myself, no teacher.)

ฉันเรียนภาษาไทยคนเดียว /chán rian paa-sǎa thai kon-diaw/
= I learn Thai alone. (I learn Thai alone, maybe in the class with a teacher but no classmates)

Hope you enjoy learning Thai with us.

Thai Language Teacher