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Writing Thai Script

Learn Thai Writing and Reading | Exceptions with “ร”

Exceptions with “ร”    

Today we will learn another rule to help you read and write Thai correctly.

Most of the time, when you see the consonant + , the cluster is pronounced as “s” sound, for example :

ทราย   /saay/       =      sand         

ทรง  /sohng/        =        style

                             =        a prefix for verbs and nouns to show royal use or connection to royalty

ทรัพย์/sáp/            =        property, wealth

ทราบ  /sâap/         =        to know                            

ทรุดโทรม   /sút-sohm/ =        worn out, damaged, ruined

กระทรวง  /grà-suang/  =        ministry


Most of the time, when ศ, ส + ร, the cluster “ร” became silent, it is not pronounced at all ;

สร้อย  /sôy/                  necklace

สระ  //                  =        to shampoo, to wash (hair)

ศรัทธา  /sàt-taa/     =        faith

ศักดิ์ศรี  /sàk-sǐ/       =        dignity

สร้าง   /sâang/            tocreate, produce, build

เสแสร้ง   /sěh-sâeng=     to pretend, fake, simulate

จริง**/jing/                 =       real, true                        

** จริงis the exception. 

Enjoy Learning Thai ka, see you next time :)…

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