How to write the 11 High Class Consonants in Thai Script

How to write in Thai Script the

11 High Class Consonants

Hi everyone, in this Thai Language lesson today. There are 44 Consonants in the Thai Alphabet. These are broken into 3 different classes of consonants with different tonal rules. The tones are high class, mid class and low class. Today I would like to teach you how to write all the High Class Consonants. This is quite easy once you know how and with a bit of practice it will come naturally.

Hints – Always start with the circle part of the Thai Script. We illustrate this below. Have a try: 


1. ข /kɔ̌ɔ kài/
kaw kai
2. ฃ /kɔ̌ɔ kùat/
kaw kuat
3. ฉ /chɔ̌ɔ chìng/
chaw ching
4. ฐ /tɔ̌ɔ tǎan/
taw taan
5. ถ /tɔ̌ɔ tǔng/
taw tung
6. ผ /pɔ̌ɔ pʉ̂ng/
paw pung
7. ฝ /fɔ̌ɔ fǎa/
faw fah
8. ศ /sɔ̌ɔ sǎa-laa/
saw sah rah
9. ษ /sɔ̌ɔ rʉʉ-sǐi/
saw ruesee
10. ส /sɔ̌ɔ sʉ̌a/
saw sua
11. ห /hɔ̌ɔ hip/
haw heep

Once you can write these well then please follow this link to practice the sounds of the Thai Consonants

I hope this is helpful to you 🙂

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher


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