How to write the 11 High Class Consonants in Thai Script

How to write in Thai Script the 11 High-Class Consonants

There are 44 Consonants in the Thai Alphabet. These are broken into 3 different classes of consonants with different tonal rules. The tones are

  • high class,
  • mid-class
  • and low class.

Today I would like to teach you how to write all the High Class Consonants. This is quite easy once you know how and with a bit of practice it will come naturally.

Hints – Always start with the circle part of the Thai Script. We illustrate this below. Have a try:

1. ข /kɔ̌ɔ kài/
kaw kai
2. ฃ /kɔ̌ɔ kùat/
kaw kuat
3. ฉ /chɔ̌ɔ chìng/
chaw ching
4. ฐ /tɔ̌ɔ tǎan/
taw taan
5. ถ /tɔ̌ɔ tǔng/
taw tung
6. ผ /pɔ̌ɔ pʉ̂ng/
paw pung
7. ฝ /fɔ̌ɔ fǎa/
faw fah
8. ศ /sɔ̌ɔ sǎa-laa/
saw sah rah
9. ษ /sɔ̌ɔ rʉʉ-sǐi/
saw ruesee
10. ส /sɔ̌ɔ sʉ̌a/
saw sua
11. ห /hɔ̌ɔ hip/
haw heep

Once you can write these well then please follow this link to practice the sounds of the Thai Consonants

I hope this is helpful to you 🙂

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By Prae
Thai Language Teacher