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Learn Thai Slang | หน้าเงือก nâa ngʉ̂ak | Very Ugly

Very Ugly inLearn Thai slang

Thai Slang

Hello everyone.

Every language has slang and Thai is no exception. Today we will a funny Thai slang word, หน้าเงือก nâa ngʉ̂ak.

Actually the word,  เงือก ngʉ̂ak means mermaid, but when someone calls you หน้าเงือก nâa ngʉ̂ak, don’t be happy and imagine that your face is lovely like The Little Mermaid from the Walt Disney animation, because it actually means the complete opposite!

หน้าเงือก /nâa ngʉ̂ak / is used as an adjective and means “very ugly”.

UglyThis slang is harsh, please be careful when you use it.

It can be a joke between friends, not someone who you first meet – or you might find yourself being hit!

I hope you enjoy using this slang word.

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