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Silent Vowels

The vowels , after words

There are some words which are not pronounce the vowels  , at the final consonant but still keep pronunciation of final consonant

ญาติ  /yâat/                               ชาติ   /châat/       

ธาตุ    /tâat/                              ประวัติ/bprà-wàt/

เหตุการณ์  /hèt-gaan/                 ภูมิใจ  /puum-jai/

ภาคภูมิ /pâak-puum/                   สมบัติ/sǒm-bàt/

ปฏิวัติ  /bpà-dtì-wát/              อนุมัติ/à-nú-mát/

Anyway, in some case, there are some words can pronounce the vowels,, you need to check from dictionary again.



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