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Learn Thai Script | Silent vowels ิ, ุ

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Silent VowelsSilent Vowels | Learn Thai Script Online

There are some words where you do pronounce the final vowel sound but there are many where you do not. The vowels are written but are silent. Be warned!!!

ญาติ  /yâat/                               ชาติ   /châat/       

ธาตุ    /tâat/                              ประวัติ/bprà-wàt/

เหตุการณ์  /hèt-gaan/                 ภูมิใจ  /puum-jai/

ภาคภูมิ /pâak-puum/                   สมบัติ/sǒm-bàt/

ปฏิวัติ  /bpà-dtì-wát/              อนุมัติ/à-nú-mát/

Just when you thought you mastered reading and writing Thai ..there is more 🙂

Hope you can read, write and understand the Thai language a little more ^_^ 

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