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Learn Thai Proverbs

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Learn Thai Proverbs | Meanings

Sawatdii ka I hope all are fine as usual na ka. Today I come up with the topic of Thai Proverb ka. You will learn the meaning and history of each proverb. Enjoy!

1.กำขี้ดีกว่ากำตด /gam kîi dii gwàa gam dtòt/                              Image result

= To have some excrement in your hands is better than have the fart in your hands.

Thai people think that it is better to have something in their hands than have nothing in their hand.

2. ขี่ช้างจับตั๊กแตน /kìi cháang jàp dták-gà-dtԑԑn/                      Image result

= To ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper

This proverb refers to someone who try to กน a small affair with high investment.


3. ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่ /gài hěn dtiin nguu, nguu hěn nom gài/     Image result

= The chicken sees the snake’s foot, the snake sees the chicken’s breast.

The proverb refers to two person who know about each other very well (bad and good things).


4. มือไม่พายเอาเท้าราน้ำ /mʉʉ mâi-paai ao táao raa náam/               Image result

= Your hand does not row the boat and put your foot in the water.

This proverb refers to a person who does not help other’s work but interfere others not to work smoothly.


5. หน้าต่างมีหู ประตูมีช่อง /nâa dtàang mii hǔu, bprà-dtuu mii chͻ̂ͻng/

= Windows have ears; doors have holes.                                                                             Image result

This proverb teaches us that you should be careful when you will say something because there might be someone here it anytime.



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