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อักษรไทยแบบต่างๆ |Thai Script – Different Fonts | Learn Thai Alphabet

Thai fonts to help you learn Thai languageอักษรไทยแบบต่าง ๆ

Different fonts of Thai Script

Learn Thai Alphabet

Many expat students at our Thai Language School find it difficult to recognize the Thai Alphabet Characters in
the magazines, newspapers, advertisement and even someone’s handwriting. As a Thai Language Teacher I hope I can help you with this. The easy way to help you to recognize those Thai characters from other media and to understand the concepts of Thai Alphabet shapes. If you notice the shape of each Thai letter you will see the standard form of Thai letters which are the curve, the line and the circle.

Let’s take a look at these Thai letters

Example 1:

ต this is ‘dtor-dtao’ the tortoise. If you take a closer look at it

you will see it starts with a circle then slash then vertical line then two curves and end with vertical line. If you understand and know how the is made you will be able to identify in different fonts.

ต ‘dtor-dtao’ in different styles

**Please note that sometimes the circle will just be changed to a beak and the line might be a little curvy.

Example 2:

this is ‘gor-gai’ the chicken. If you have a closer look at it

You will see it starts with the vertical line then a little back slash then a curve and end with a vertical line

‘gor-gai’ in different styles

**Please note that sometimes the part of the gor-gai’ that looks like a beak might disappear. This is another style of writing

gor-gai’ for many of Thai people, which will look like an inverted ‘U’.

Let’s Practice This!

Thai script made easy with Thai Language Hut

ยินดีต้อนรับ /yin dii dtͻ̂ͻn ráp/ = You’re welcome

Different Thai Fonts กรุณาถอดรองเท้า /gàrúnaa tͻ̀ͻt rͻͻngtáaw/ = Please take off your shoes

กรุณา /gàrúnaa/ = please

ถอด /tͻ̀ͻt/ =  take off

รองเท้า / rͻͻngtáaw/ =  shoes

no photograph in different Thai fonts

ห้ามถ่ายรูป /hâam tàay rûp/ = No photograph

ห้าม /hâam/ = prohibit

ถ่ายรูป /tàay rûp/ = photograph

More Thai Fonts to help students learn Thai effectively

โชคดีและปลอดภัย /chôok dii lԑ́ bplͻ̀ͻt-pai/ = Good luck and be safe

โชคดี /chôok dii/ =  Good luck

และ /lԑ́/ = and

ปลอดภัย /bplͻ̀ͻt-pai/ = safe


ขอบคุณที่ใช้บริการ /kͻ̀ͻpkun tîi chái bͻͻ-rí-gaan/ = Thank you for using our service

ขอบคุณ /kͻ̀ͻpkun/ = thank you

ใช้ /chái/ = to use

บริการ /bͻͻ-rí-gaan/ = service

I hope this will help you to recognize the Thai characters when they are written in different styles.

Kru Mulan
Thai Language teacher