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Learn Thai Phrase | Single, Sole or Only | Classifier +diaw | เดียว

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Try Learn Thai with usHow to use the Thai Classifier for One item (Single, Sole or Only)

Hi Everyone

In this Thai lesson, I have another Thai Adjective word to say  Single with a Noun (Single Sole or Only). You may already know about the pattern

Noun + Number + classifier

This will tell the listener the number of Nouns in the sentence.

But when you want to state there is only a single NOUN we have to use the classifier, diaw / เดียว  which always comes after the classifier.

Classifier +diaw เดียว “    = One, Single or Only Noun

Some other  Classifier to practice:

คน /  Kon /               =  people ( human being )

คัน / kan /                 = car (rót/รถ )

ครั้ง/ kráng /            = time ( occasion )

1.chán mii lûuk-săao kon diaw.   = ( chán mii lûuk săao nèung kon )

ฉันมีลูกสาวคนเดียว =  ( ฉันมีลูกสาวหนึ่งคน )

I have one daughter.

2.Jane mii rót kan diaw.=       ( Jane mii rót nèung kan )

เจนมีรถคันเดียว = ( เจนมีรถหนึ่งคัน )

Jane has one car.

3.pǒm kәәi maa meuang  Thai kráng diaw    =( pǒm kәәi maa meung Thai nèung kráng )

ผมเคยมาเมืองไทยครั้งเดียว = ผมเคยมาเมืองไทยหนึ่งครั้ง

I have been to Thailand once.

I hope you enjoyed this short Thai lesson ka 🙂

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