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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Grammar | Năi / ไหน / Which

Thai Question WordsHow to say Which in the Thai language

Sàwàtdii kâ,

Hi everyone in this online Thai lesson we will learn about the question word “Which” in Thai. For the word “Which“ we use the word “năi / ไหน” after the classifier for the object that you are referring to.

Noun + classifer + năi/ ไหน ?     Which..?


1. fɛɛn kɔɔng kun Kon năi / แฟนของคุณคนไหน ?

Which person is your girlfriend/boyfriend? ( Who is your girlfriend/boyfriend? )

2 . kun chɔɔp rót Kan năi / คุณชอบรถคันไหน

Which car do you like

3. bâan lăng năi ? บ้านหลังไหน ?

Which house?

Hope this blog will be useful for everyone.

By Tik
Thai Language Teacher