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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai | Adverb Too Much | gern bpai เกินไป

Thai Adverb Too MuchToo Much

Sawat-dii ka

Hi everyone. In this online Thai lesson, we going to learn the Thai Adverb Too in the Thai language.  Too is expressed by  the pattern

Adjective + gern  bpai

Or            Adjective +  bpai

Here are some examples of Adjective for practice.

pèt   = hot                                            wǎan = sweet

pεεng  = expensive                            dii    = good

For example :

1.Som-dtam  pèt (gern ) bpai.


Papaya salad is too hot.

2.gaa-fae wǎan( gern )bpai.


Coffee is too sweet.

3.rot pnεεg  gern bapi.


The car is too expensive

4.kun dii gern bpai.


I hope this was not too much!

Enjoy practising Thai

Kru Tik
Thai Language Teacher