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Thai Food

แมลงทอด | Insect Snacks | Thai Food

แมลงทอด-insect snackแมลงทอด | Thai Insect Snacks

Would you eat an insect?

“Fried Grasshoppers and or Crickets “

Have you eaten them? If so, how do they taste?

It may surprise you to learn that not only are many insects edible, they’re also nutritious and thought to be quite delicious by people from other areas of the world, particularly Thailand where edible insects are sold as a delicacy. Another surprising fact about edible insects is how nutritious they can be. In fact, 100 grams of insects supplies a full day’s supply of vitamins and minerals as well as over 50 grams of protein, all for a calorie content of about 400 kilo-calories.

One of Thailand’s legendary delicacies, deep fried grasshoppers make great snack .
They’re crunchy,  high in protein, calcium and cholesterol. They’re readily available almost everywhere in Thailand. They taste just like chicken… only much tastier and not to mention fun to eat!

The silk worms has been fried with pandan leaves and just before serving there is soy sauce sprinkled over the worms.

Let’s Practice Speaking Thai!

แมลงทอดขายยังไงคะ/ครับ        /má-lԑԑng tͻ̂ͻt kǎay yang-ngai ká/kráp/                                                                                              How do you (separate) sell insect snack?

ตั๊กแตนทอดขีดละเท่าไหร่คะ/ครับ        /dták-ka-tԑԑn tͻ̂ͻt kìit lá tâo-rài kâ/kràp/                                                                                    How much is deep fried grasshoppers per grams?

เอาจิ้งหรีดทอด 2 ขีดค่ะ/ครับ        /ao jîng-rìif tͻ̂ͻt sͻ̌ͻng kìit kâ/kráp/                                                                                                      May I have 200 grams of deep fried cricket?

ขอน้ำจิ้มด้วยค่ะ/ครับ         /kͻ̌ͻ náam-jîm dûay kâ/kráp/                                                                                                                           May I have dipping sauce?

มีรถด่วนไหมคะ/ครับ        /mii rót dùan mǎi ká/kráp/                                                                                                                               Do you have  deep fried bamboo worms?

รถด่วนหมดแล้วค่ะ/ครับ         /rót dùan mòt lԑ́ԑw kâ/kráp/                                                                                                                         Deep fried bamboo worms are sold out.

ลองชิมตั๊กแตนทอดไหมคะ/ครับ          /lͻͻng chim dták-ka-tԑԑn tͻ̂ͻt mái ká/kráp/                                                                                  Do you want to taste deep fried grasshoppers?

ฉัน/ผมไม่กินแมลงทอด      /ch́an/pǒm mâi gin má-lԑng tͻ̂ͻt/                                                                                                                  I don’t eat insect snack.

รถด่วนอร่อยมาก      /rót dùan a-rͻ̀y mâak/                                                                                                                                                  Bamboo worms is very delicious.

New Vocabulary

แมลงทอด /má-lԑԑng tͻ̂ͻt/ = deep fried insect

ขาย /kǎay/ = to sell

ยังไง /yang-ngai/ = How…..?

ตั๊กแตน /dták-ka-tԑԑn/ = grasshopper

ทอด /tͻ̂ͻt/ = deep fried

เท่าไหร่ /tâo-rài/ = How much….?

เอา /ao/ = to want, to take

จิ้งหรีด /jîng-rìif/ =  cricket

ขอ /kͻ̌ͻ/ = ask for…….

น้ำจิ้ม /náam-jîm/ = dipping sauce

รถด่วน /rót dùan/ = bamboo worm

หมด /mòt/ = out of stock

ลอง /lͻͻng/ = to try

ชิม /chim/ = to taste

อร่อย /a-rͻ̀y/ = delicious

As always, enjoy!

By Prae
Thai Language Teacher