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Learn Thai Free

Learn Thai Free

These are Learn Thai Free resources for those learning Thai or are interested in the Thai Language.  There are a combination of links to other websites (ie Thai Fonts, Newspapers etc) and links to our own resources such as Thai Phrases, Thai Alphabet, Thai Tones, Thai Numbers etc. Where possible we have tried to add audio files so you can practice learning your Thai Phrases and Tones – * Tip remember the pitch and length of the vowels are important in Thai Language so listen carefully. If you slow down the playback this can help hear the detail but don’t speak like this to Thai’s or they will think you very strange!

We have the following Free Thai Resources on this site:

  1. Thai Language Alphabet
  2. Thai Phrases
  3. Thai Numbers
  4. Thai Tones

Further we have a wide range of Learn Thai Free resources in addition to those showing on these page.
Please have a look at our following websites:

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