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Thai Grammar

Learn Thai Question | Where is it?

Where is it in ThaiLearn Thai Question -Where is it?

Hello guys!

Do you still remember how to use ‘verb to be’ from my last lesson? I believe you all do and speak Thai better!

In this lesson, we will use that knowledge to form the question “Where is it?”

“Where” in Thai is “tîi-nǎi”

and from the knowledge of the verb to be +places = yùu

“yùu” means to be somewhere.

Now..if you want to ask where a place is, you just put three words together which are [1] the place, [2] yùu, [3] “tîi-nǎi”

For example;

Where is the bathroom?

Hôrng-náam yùu tîi-nǎi ?

Where do you work?

Kun tam-ngaan tîi-nǎi ?

**Please notice that we switch the position of the word “where” from the beginning to the end of the sentence**

To answer some Where-question you need to know some prepositions in Thai. Let’s see what we have.

1. nai = in

2. bon = on

3. dtâi = under

4. rá-wàang = between


Where is the book?

 nǎang-sǔu yùu tîi-nǎi ?

It is on the table in the bedroom.

nǎang-sǔu yùu bon dtó nai hôrng-norn

It is easy, isn’t it? The Thai language is not that hard if you try. Keep practising guys then you will speak Thai very well!


As always enjoy!

Thai Language Teacher