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Learn Thai Phrase | Uncomfortable situations

uncomfortable-thai-language-hut, difficultWhat to say when you are in an uncomfortable situations in Thailand

Situation 1: When someone is trying to offer you a service or trying to sell you something. You just simply say:

  • ไม่ค่ะ/ครับ “maî kâ/kráp” = No    
  • or ไม่เอา….ขอบคุณค่ะ/ครับ  “maî-ao…kàwp-khun kâ/kráp”   = No, Thank you.
  • or มีแล้วค่ะ/ครับ  “mee-laéw kâ/kráp”  =  I’ve already had it.
  • or ยังไม่สนใจค่ะ/ครับ “yang maî sŏn-jai kâ/kráp”  = I’m not interested in it yet.

Situation 2: When someone is trying to ask you for some money. You just simply say:

  • ไม่มีค่ะ/ครับ “maî-mee kâ/kráp”      =  I don’t have it.

Situation 3: When someone is blocking your way and you want to get through. You just simply say:

  • ขอโทษค่ะ/ครับ “kŏr-toâd kâ/kráp”  = Excuse me.
  • or ขอทางหน่อยค่ะ/ครับ “kŏr taang noì kâ/kráp”  = Can I get pass, please?

Situation 4: When you are in the meeting, at the party or in the middle of conversation and you want to be excused for a moment. You just simply say:

  • ขอตัวสักครู่นะคะ / ครับ “kŏr dtua sàk-kroô ná kâ/kráp”  = May I be excused?

Situation 5: When you are at the party or hanging out with friends and you want to take leave. You just simply say:

  • ขอกลับก่อนนะ “kŏr glàb gàwn ná”  =  Can I take leave first?

Situation 6: When your friend/colleague loses one of his/her member in the family. You have to show your sympathy by saying:

  • เสียใจด้วยนะ  “siă-jai duây ná”  = I’m sorry for your lose. (informal)
  • ขอแสดงความเสียใจด้วยนะคะ/นะครับ “kŏr sà-daeng kwaam siă-jai duây ná kâ/kráp”  = I am sorry for your lose. (formal)

Situation 7: When someone is making a loud noise in public place and it really disturbs or annoys you. You just simple say:

  • ขอโทษค่ะ/ครับ “kŏr-toâd kâ/kráp ….chuây kui siăng bao-bao noì daî-maí kâ/kráp?” = Excuse me, can you please low your voice down?

Situation 8: When a person you are talking to speaks very fast to you. You just tell him/her to:

  • ช่วยพูดช้า ๆ หน่อยได้ไหมคะ/ครับ “chuây poôd chaá-chaá noì daî-maí kâ/kráp?”  = Can you please speak slowly?

Situation 9:  When a vendor is trying to cheat on you by adding the price up from the regular price. Surprise them with:

  • ปกติราคา……..บาทเอง “pòk-gà-dtì  raa-kaa …(price)……. Baht aing”  = Usually, it costs only……Baht
  • Or เคยซื้อราคา ……………. บาทเอง “koey seúh raa-kaa …..(price)…. Baht aing” = I used to buy it with this price

Situation 10:  When you have to cancel the appointment urgently. Try this:

  • ขอโทษค่ะ/ครับ …. วันนี้ไปไม่ได้พอดีติดธุระด่วนค่ะ/ครับ “kŏr-toâd kâ/kráp.…wan-neé bpai maî-daî..por-dee dtìd tú-rá duàn kâ/kráp”  = Sorry, I cannot come today.  I just have an urgent matter to do.

Situation 11: When your Thai girlfriend is angry with you. This might save your life!

  • ขอโทษครับ … ผมผิดเอง …ยกโทษให้ผมได้ไหมครับ … ผมจะไม่ทำอีกแล้วครับ “kŏr-toâd kráp…pŏm pìd aing…yók-toâd haî pŏm daî-maí kráp?…pom jà maî-tam eèk-laéw kráp” = I’m sorry…it was all my fault….can you please forgive me? I won’t do that again. **then make your eyes like a little puppy or kitten**


Please note:   Kâ ค่ะ  (for female) = is a polite particle that added at the end of the phrase or sentence

Kráp ครับ (for male) = a polite particle that added at the end of the phrase or sentence


I hope these Thai phrases and sentences will help you get through some uncomfortable situations that you usually find in everyday life.



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