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Learn Thai | Useful Emergency Telephone Numbers

Useful Emergency Telephone Numbers

“Hello…This is an emergency!” for Emergency in Thailand….call 191

The Thai phrase ‘Hèd-duàn Hèd-raaí Jaêng 191เหตุด่วน เหตร้าย แจ้ง 191’ literally means ‘urgent matter….bad matter…inform 191’which commonly means ‘Emergency call 191’ The number Emergency Telephone number 191 is a phone number operated in Thailand when people want some help or want to report something to the police. It is pronounced as ‘neùnggaôneùng’.

When should you call 191?

When you need help or something bad is happening to you.But one thing you have to remember isHelp might not be there for you right away’.It usually gets to you when it is a little too late. You might need to wait about 30 minutes or longer…and sometimes you might need to call again. I would recommend you to fight for yourself and act like a cop!

Oh…one more thing…when you call Emergency Telephone Number 191 please make sure that you really dial 191 Not 911 because you might get used to it from watching American movies too much! J


Oh…where am I? I get lost! How can I get to this place? What can I do when I lost my passport? What if I am cheated by bad people?” Please call 1155…any helps that you might need…Let the Tourist Police help you out!

1155 is the Emergency Telephone number of the Tourist Police or in Thai we say ‘dtam-ruàd tâwng-tiâwตำรวจท่องเที่ยว’. For any tourists who need help please call 1155 or if you walk pass the 1155 Police Booth you can also ask for help too. Please note that most of the tourist police they can speak only Thai and English and sometimes their English is not so perfectyou might need to move your hands or use body language when explaining things to them…this might help! But don’t worry we are happy to help you J


Emergency Fire! Please call…199

199 is the number to call when your place is on fire or you want to report the fire. Usually 199 or Fire Police dtam-ruàd dàp-ploengตำรวจดับเพลิง’ here work quite fast so you can be sure that help will come to you or your neighbours.

Also, if you need to warn the people or your neighbours or puên-baân เพื่อนบ้านwhen you see the fire, just shout ‘Fai-maî…Fai-maîไฟไหม้…ไฟไหม้’ which means ‘Fire…Fire’. This Thai phrase works very well…Thai people will be very alert once they hear this phrase! If your bath tub is still filled with water…grab your bucket and scoop some water…then go out to be a hero (wee-rá-bù-rùd วีรบุรุษ)!


Need to be Rescued?? Here are the Emergency numbers 02 – 751-0951 or 02-226-4444

02 – 751-0951 is the number of ‘Ruâm-Gà-dtan-yoo ร่วมกตัญญู’ Foundation or you can call

02-226-4444 which is the number of ‘Bpor-dték-dteúng ปอเต็กตึ๊ง’ Foundation.

When you see the car accident…or even if your leg is stuck in the drainpipe or manhole somewhere in Bangkok and no one around can help you out…you will need to be rescuedcall them up 02-751-0951 or 02-226-4444 and help will be on the way…these staff they are very helpful and they don’t like to wait…you can be sure that soon they will come to take your leg out of the hole! They are very brave since they have to deal with the dead bodies on the road almost everyday…don’t be scared if you get in their truck and see the dead body lying next to you.

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Kruu Mulan

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