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Learn Thai: What is this?

Learn Thai What is this

How to ask What is this in Thai Language

Hi everyone. In this blog, we will learn to speak some more Thai.

Does anyone know what is “what” in Thai? I guess many of you know this basic word already but I would like to tell you guys how to form a What question.

“What” in Thai is “à-rai”

Note: you may have learned from my previous blogs that in Thai question we put the question word at the end of the sentence.

So…what is this? in Thai is nii kuu à-rai?

(please have a look at my ‘verb to be’ blog if you are not sure how to use Thai be)

Let see some basic vocabulary to apply with this question.

book = nǎng-suu

pen   = bpàak-gaa


For example,

What is this?

nii kuu à-rai?

This is a book.

nîi kuu nǎng-suu

It is a pen.

nii kuu bpàak-gaa


What is your name?

Kun(you) chûu(name) à-rai?

My name is Mod.

Chán chûu Mod


What do you do?

Kun (you) tam-ngaan (work) à-rai?

I am a teacher.

Chán bpen kruu

Now you know how to ask your Thai friend’s name using Thai language. Good luck and practise to speak Thai every day! 🙂

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As always enjoy!


Thai Language Teacher