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Thai Verbs

Learn Thai: Verb to have

Learn Thai, to haveVerb to have

Hi Guys! How are you getting on with Thai numbers from my last lesson?

Today, I would like you guys to use our knowledge of numbers with “verb to have”

Have in Thai is “Mee” มี

Example : I have a pen.

women say : Chan (I) mee parg-gaa(pen) ฉันมีปากกา

men say : Pom (I) mee parg-gaa(pen) ผมมีปากกา

Now let’s use  verb to have with our knowledge of units and numbers.

Jenny has 2 black cars
= Jenny mee rod(car) see(color) dam(black) song(two) kan(car’s unit).
I have one sister and two brothers
=Chan/pom mee peesao(older sister) 1 khon lea(and) peechai(older brother) 2 khon(human’s unit) ฉันมีพี่สาวหนึ่งคนและพี่ชายสองคน

The antonym of mee (have)  is “mâi mee” (don’t have).

I don’t have any money = Chan/pom mâi mee dtang (money) ฉัน/ผมไม่มีตังค์


I hope you won’t have any problems (mai mee pan-ha) with verb to have anymore 🙂

As always enjoy!

Thai Language Teacher