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Thai Grammar | Thai Script “ร” usages

Usages of “ร”Learning Thai Script with Thai Language Hut School ร boat

“ร”is one of the 44 consonants of the Thai alphabet. Many expat Thai Language students get very confused when they find the “ร” in different positions/ locations. “ร” can work as an initial sound, a final sound and also a vowel sound. As a Thai Language Teacher, I find myself having to often explain this to my Thai Students. The details below will give you hints about how to use “ร” in different situations in reading and writing Thai words.

1.“ร” as an initial sound or as a consonant….it gives an “R…” sound

Examples: รัก (ร -ะก= รัก)pronounced as “rák” means “love”

าก (ร –า ก = ราก) pronounced as “raâk” means “root”

เรือ (ร + เ –ื= เรือ)pronounced as “ruerh” means “boat”

2.“ร” as a final sound or final letter… gives a “…N” sound

Examples: หาร (ห-า + ร = หาร)pronounced as “haăn” means “divide”

ธาร ( ธ-า + ร = ธาร) pronounced as “taan” means “water/ creek”

โจร (จ + โ –ร = โจร)pronounced as “jone” means “thief/ bandit/ robber”

3.“รร” as a vowel sound when they come together…it gives an “Ah” sound ( -ะ / – )

3.1 “รร” with a final sound or final letter comes after… it works as vowel ‘ah’( -ะ / – )

Examples: วรรค = ว + รร + ค = (วัค)pronounced as “wák” means “space/ pause in writing”

กรรณ = ก + รร + ณ = (กัณ)pronounced as “gan” means “ear”

ธรรม = ธ + รร + ม = (ธัม)pronounced as “tam” means “dharma”

3.2“รร” without any final sounds or final letters come after it works as “-a” sound (- น)

Examples: สรร = ส + รร = (สัน)pronounced as “săn” means “select/ choose”

พรรษา = พ + รร /ษ + า = (พัน – ษา)pronounced as “pan-saă” means “year/ rainy season”

บรรเทา = บ + รร / ท + เ-า = (บัน-เทา) pronounced as “ban-tao” means “relief”

4.“ร” as when it comes after initial sound/ initial letter without any vowels between…it gives “…awn” sound(“…อน”)

Examples:พร = พอนpronounced as “pawn” means“blessing”

กร = กอนpronounced as “gawn” means “hand”

ศร = ศอนpronounced as “săwn” means “arrow”

ละคร = ละ-คอนpronounced as “la-kawn” means “a play/ soap opera”

วานร = วา-นอนpronounced as “waa-nawn” means “monkey”

โคจร = โค-จอนpronounced as “ko-jawn” means “orbit”

I hope this will help you to understand the usage of “ร” better (^_^)

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