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Thai Vocabulary

How to make Laab Muu | Isaan Spicy minced pork

How to make Laab Muu Spicy minced pork recipe

With Thai Vocabulary

Laab Moo ลาบหมู  - Thai Language Hut School Bangkok

This is a delicious spicy dish from Northeastern Thailand | Isaan that is very easy to make. Follow the steps below and in no time you will be enjoying some wonderful Thai Isaan food. This is fast food Thai style.


1. 300g minced pork

2. A few mint leaves

3. 1/8 cup of roasted rice

4. 2-3 Thai parsley

5. 2-3 spring onions

6. 1-3 red onions

7. 1 tablespoon of crushed dried chili

8. 2 tablespoons of lime juice

9. 2 tablespoons of fish sauce

roasted rice ข้าวคั่ว

10. 4 red chilies


Step 1:

Having heated a small pan pour in the rice. Then keep stirring until the rice becomes a light brown color. Then put the roasted rice on the plate for later in this recipe.

Step 2:

Prepare the spring onion, chili and red onion by slicing


Step 3:

Using a mortar and pestle or a blender, then crush the roasted rice.

Step 4:

Ideally, sieve the rice so that only the smallest grains make it into the Laab Muu

Step 5:

Then put the minced pork into a heated pan. Cook the pork lightly whilst stirring. It should still be white-grey in color.

Step 6:

Next put the pork into a bowl adding the chili, sliced red onions, chopped spring onions, mint, and parsley. Mix together thoroughly.

Step 7:

Now add the roasted rice, chili, lime juice and fish sauce. Mix together.


Step 8:

Finally, present on a dish and garnished with mint and spring onion.

Vocabulary คำศัพท์ /kam-sàp/

minced pork = หมูสับ /mǔu-sàp/

mint leaves = ใบสะระแหน่ /bai sà-rá-nɛ̀ɛ/

roasted rice = ข้าวคั่ว /kâao kûa/

Thai parsley = ผักชีฝรั่ง /pàk-chii-fà-ràng/

spring onion = ต้นหอม /dtôn hɔ̌ɔm/

red onion = หอมแดง /hɔ̌ɔm-dɛɛng/

dried chili = พริกแห้ง /prík hɛ̂ɛng/

lime juice = น้ำมะนาว /nám má-naao/

fish sauce = น้ำปลา /nám-bplaa/

mortar = ครก /krók/

pestle = สาก /sàak/

blender = เครื่องปั่น /krʉ̂ang-bpàn/


I hope you have learnt something new and that you have enjoyed this lesson.

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By Jang

Thai Language Teacher