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Thai Culture|วันทหารผ่านศึก |Thai Veterans Day

Thai Veterans DayThai Armed Forces Day | วันทหารผ่านศึก | 3rd February

In the Thai National Anthem, one phrase of the lyrics says that the Thai people love peace but when there is a war we will fight audaciously. As you know war has never given anyone happiness besides sadness, tear, and loss. In fact, the Thai people have been forced to protect our independence and sovereignty for many times in our history. Thai soldiers sacrificed their lives and blood for saving our kingdom, so that Thai people can live our lives in this country happily. Thai people reminisce about their soldiers’ bravery on this special occasion. All Thai residents heartily show respect to honor the veterans’ sacrifices on Thai Veterans Day…

In Thailand the Veterans Day is the 3rd of February every year. To praise the bravery of veterans and to help the families of soldiers who died in fighting to protect national sovereignty. The red poppy is a symbol of the veterans; it is a symbol of the blood of the soldiers who had shed their blood on the kingdom with courage and supreme sacrifice. So, in that day we shall see the poppies blooming throughout the country.
The are preparations for the sale of poppies on Veterans Day aiming to raise funds to support the troops, veterans and their families.The Thai Veterans Day

Veteran Day Vocabulary

1. วันทหารผ่านศึก /wan-tá-hǎan-pàan-sʉ̀k/ = Veterans Day
2. ทหารผ่านศึก /tá-hǎan-pàan-sʉ̀k/ = veterans
3. ทหารไทย /tá-hǎan tai/ = Thai soldier
4. สงบ /sà-ngòp/ = peace
5. เอกราช /èek-gà-râat/ = sovereignty
6. รักษาเอกราช /rák-sǎa èek-gà-râat/ = protect sovereignty
7. รบ /róp/ = to fight, battle
8. การทหาร /gaan tá-hǎan/ = military
9. ดอกป๊อบปี้ /dͻ̀ͻk bpͻ́p-bpîi/ = poppy flower
10. สัญลักษณ์ /sǎn-ya-lák/ = symbol
11. กล้าหาญ /glâa-hǎan/ = bravely
12. เสียสละ /sǐa-sà-là/ = sacrifice
13. เลือด /lʉ̂at/ = blood
14. เป็นเกียรติ /bpen-gìat/ = honor
15. ลำลึกถึง,ระลึกถึง /ram-lʉ́k tʉ̌ng, rá-lʉ́k tʉ̌ng/ = reminisce

Hope you enjoy learning Thai vocabulary na ka

Kruu Fai
Thai Language Teacher