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I know from my own experiences as a Thai Language Teacher that whenever we start learning other languages, sometimes it is easy to get confused with the detail creating some confusion ….to ourselves and to those we are speaking to!

I am showing you some Thai sentences that may help you get the picture and something you may miss inside that picture:

I make some coffee because ofyou (Chăn-chong-gaa-fae-pró-ther/ฉันชงกาแฟเพราะเธอ ) = You are the reason why I make some coffee (Ther-bpen-tón-hèt-hâi- chăn-chong-gaa-fae/เธอเป็นต้นเหตุให้ฉันชงกาแฟ )

I make some more coffee foryou ( Chăn- chong-gaa-fae-phùe- ther/ฉันชงกาแฟเผื่อเธอ ) = I make some more coffee and keep it for you (Chăn-chong-gaa-fae-wái-mâag-nòy-láew-gèb- wái- hâi-ther-dûay/ฉันชงกาแฟไว้มากหน่อยแล้วเก็บไว้ให้เธอด้วย )

I make some coffee for you ( Chăn-chong-gaa-fae-phûe- ther/ฉันชงกาแฟเพื่อเธอ ) = I make some coffee to please you ( Pró-hĕn-gàe-ther-chăn- jung-chong-gaa-fae/เพราะเห็นแก่เธอฉันจึงชงกาแฟ )

I make some coffee just foryou ( Chăn- chong-gaa-fae-săm-ràb- ther/ฉันชงกาแฟสำหรับเธอ ) = I make some coffee for you, not others ( Chăn- chong-gaa-fae- hâi ther-mâi-châi-khon-ùhn/(ฉันชงกาแฟให้เธอไม่ใช่คนอื่น )

I make some coffee foryou ( Chăn- chong-gaa-fae-hâi- ther/ฉันชงกาแฟให้เธอ ) = I make some coffee for you, you don’t have to do it ( Chăn- chong-gaa-fae- hâi ther-eng-ther-mâi-thôhng-tham/(ฉันชงกาแฟให้เธอเอง เธอไม่ต้องทำ )

When we think we know our languages we still misunderstand something…agree? Sometimes the devil is in the detail!

Khru May Thai Language Teacher!!!

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