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Thai Phrases

Learn Thai phrases | Switching Words

Switching words

As I am someone who speaks and is a Thai Language Teacher, I may say that I know something and notice that even some of Thai people use Thai phrases incorrectly. Thai phrases like phrases in other languages have completely different meanings when either used in the wrong order or with incorrect words!!!! Watch out I have to check my students about this many times at my Thai Language School I think you will find this difficult too!

For example:

Once my student wanted to say that he couldn’t go to the movie( bhai-mâi-dâior ไป-ไม่-ได้) , but he said he didn’t go to the movie ( mâi-dâi-bhaior ไม่-ได้-ไป).


Another student wanted to say that she was calm ( jai-yen or ใจ-เย็น) , but she said she was not anxious( yen-jai or เย็น-ใจ).


My American friend wanted to say that he wanted to eat fried rice ( khâaw-phàd or ข้าวผัด) but he said he wanted to fry rice ( phàd-khâaw or ผัดข้าว).

See the Thai Language can be fun also!

Khru May

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