The school is fortunate to possess some excellent bi-lingual teacher who both communicate and teach effectively in English and Thai. Depending on your level of Thai and English and your teaching requirements we can recommend you the most appropriate teacher for your needs. We also recommend mixing up your teachers ie do not just have one teacher – this will accelerate your learning as you will appreciate different teaching styles and accents. All teachers, including our contract staff are highly professional, customer focused and possess appropriate qualifications and/or experience. Many teachers either teach at international schools or have taught at international schools or Universities in Bangkok.

All teachers are hand-picked not just for possessing the correct paper qualifications or experience but for having the right positive attitude and energy needed to make a good teacher. Our teachers are genuinely interested in your learning and are not merely running through a book A-Z.

Please look at our school testimonials for feedback on our teachers’ performance.

Prae | Thai

Thai Online

Prae has been a teacher for 7 years at Kindergarten and Primary School (English Program). Prae got hooked on teaching as she liked to see her young students learning and gaining in confidence. Teaching at Thai Language Hut School is not much different! Yes, the students are bigger, but I still get the same satisfaction imparting knowledge in a student-friendly fashion. Prae loves to see her students’ successfully reading, writing and communication with Thai locals. It’s her aim to make your learning of Thai fun and easy for you whilst pushing your learning. My speciality is teaching tones. Prae is difficult to please and will check every tone of every word her students speak until they speak completely clearly.

Jane | Thai

Learning Languages is fun

Sawaddii ka, I’m Jane. I have worked as a Thai Language Teacher since I graduated. I taught the Thai Language to foreign students from complete beginners to those at an advanced level. I am also creating instructional media such as Thai videos, Thai conversation audio books and writing textbooks to help foreigners learn the Thai language faster and more efficiently.  Before working as a Thai teacher, I studied the Faculty of Arts as my Thai major so that I might know how to explain and teach Thai in an easy way. In the class, I will help students to learn Thai with confidence so they can speak and write Thai clearly and accurately. Moreover, my students will understand Thai ideas and culture.

Tik | Thai & Isaan

Classroom and online learning

Tik is a creative teacher who can make difficult subject areas an enjoyable learning experience. Tik has quite a following of students who continually repeat book lessons with her. Enthusiastic and energetic are words students use to describe Tik’s teaching. She works at a good pace but is quick to pick up if you have understood something or not and will test your knowledge until you have mastered it. Tik is the newest teacher to Thai Language Hut but with her professional and fun approach, she has quickly fit in and proven herself to be an excellent team member. Tik also speaks Isaan so for clients wanting Isaan Language Tik can help.

Jang – Thai & English
TEFL English Training

The danger in teaching Thai to non-Thai’s is that it is such a complex alien language it can be quite daunting. I attempt to make my teaching interesting and assessable by creating interesting bite-sized chunks of information which the student can easily digest imparting confidence. Through having a series of small steps the student can make good progress and feel confident about their ability. It is up to the teacher to inspire and lead the student. I aim to make my lessons friendly and fun but still with a focus on results. I also teach English to non-English speakers. I am particularly sympathetic to Thai’s learning English and have a lot of Thai nationals, students and spouses that I teach online. Further, I have an interest in Japanese and have several Japanese students also こんにちは.

Aoi – Thai & English

Kruu Expert Professional Training

Aoi has been teaching Thai to many corporate customers for over 3 years, an accomplished and well-received teacher she also has both a Degree and a Masters Degree in Business Administration allowing her to effectively explain business terms in both Thai and English. Aoi has taught students at most large international companies here in Thailand. Aoi is the newest member of the Thai Language Hut team, we are certain she will fit in well given her professionalism and a good sense of humour. We wish her well.

Fai | English & Thai

learning Thai can be fun

Fai is an experienced English teacher who has now turned her hand to teaching Thai too. Her teaching style is to make all students feel relaxed when studying, but it does not mean that she is not strict. Pushing her students to speak a lot, using correct tones, sounds and grammar, whilst answering her questions correctly is her approach. Sometimes different techniques are needed for different kind of students. Being student-focused, Fai adapts her teaching style to the student’s background knowledge and needs whilst testing along the way. She gains satisfaction from watching her students develop both in knowledge and confidence as they learn their new language.

Mo | Thai & English
Fun learning languages but with a professional focus

“We can learn best when we are  enjoying ourselves.” I am an approachable and professional teacher providing Thai lessons at all levels with a real interest in seeing you succeed. For me, I love teaching Thai and English languages it has become part of her life.

Since I was young I have always wanted to teach. To help people learn how to do things has given me a lot of satisfaction. I choose my degree, a BA Ed- Thai and English Languages and Science as I knew I wanted to teach languages. I have now been teaching Thai and English for over 4 years and I have enjoyed every minute. Please do not be too concerned if you find learning Thai or English hard I will work closely with you to helping you get things right.  You will practice speaking, reading and writing the language until you are a confident communicator – whilst having fun along the way.

Oil – Thai & Isaan

Thai Language Teacher | Making Learning Thai Easy and Enjoyable

Oil has been teaching with us now the longest of any teacher. Before coming to Thai Language Hut she has taught at several language schools. Oil is very popular with her students, in fact, her students have repeat booked more than any other teacher. Highly experienced Oil believes in immersing her students in a Thai speaking the only environment with a minimum of English. Oil is modest about her achievements but is an excellent teacher and a keystone to the Thai Language Hut teaching team.

Bobo | Thai & English

learn Thai and English the easy wayBobo has a very strong following of students for a good reason, she is a great teacher. Bobo has a business background in media and marketing and so has a direct business experience to call upon and this comes through in her teaching style which is organized and direct but open. She has a higher degree in teaching Thai as a foreign language and has taught at University and at other language schools before joining our school. She is particularly popular with Japanese and students learning online.

Natt | Thai & English

Succeed your learning goals

Natt is a very experienced translator and teacher. She is a professional linguist and has taught at all levels including University she is completely fluent in English and Thai. She has the great ability to break down language to the mechanical core components quickly building a high level of understanding whilst making the lessons fun and interesting. She is an expert at teaching intermediate and advanced English to Thai students who need to prepare for exams or use English professionally. Natt possesses two English degrees including a Master degree in Teaching English.  Friendly results driven and professional Natt is a major asset to Thai Language Hut.

Gaew | Thai

Thai Language Teacher
Sawatdii ka. I am Gaew. I studied as an Art Teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot. I was always fascinated by teaching, arts and communication. I felt such satisfaction when my students achieved a task successfully either in art or language. Every student is different, physical, mental and other attributes – finding the right approach to open their heart to learning is so very rewarding.

Mai | Thai & English
Thai Language Teacher Mai - Learning made easy

My name is Achara Longsak. I am a Degree Graduate of the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University.  I have always had a deep interest in the mechanics of languages and the cultures of people of different backgrounds. In my native Thai language, as a student, I have won many poetry contests an interest that has continued into my adulthood.  While studying my Teaching Degree at Chulalongkorn I was given several opportunities to teach Thai and French. The process of imparting knowledge is complex but fascinating.  I have always enjoyed developing new techniques to assist students to memorize their lessons. I also love laughing, and making others laugh – and try to infuse humour into everything I do.

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