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Thai Cultural Diversification Training & Professional Code of Ethics Stage I


To be successful in Thailand requires the ability to work within a complex and multifaceted society which follow rules and values alien to most Western managers. This course is focused on the needs of Western Business Executives needing to understand the complexities of Thai Culture within a societal and business context.  The practical training encompasses many business and social scenarios discussing the appropriate forms of responses for each situation given seniority, subordinate roles, the content of the conversation in addition to general information regarding the norms and values of Thai society.

The course allows the student to develop a solid understanding of Thai Culture empowering the student to avoid or manage potential conflict situations and advance onto Thai Cultural Diversification Training & Professional Code of Ethics Stage II.


The course is delivered normally over a 10 hour period in a workshop style with practical examples by our teacher.


Exploration of values and experiences of Thai-ness in the workplace address the core items listed below that shape the common Thai value system evaluating key differences between this and Western Culture and relate knowledge of this social system back to practical experiences in the workplace.

–          Land and Peopledoi+suthep+buddha+II

–          Values and Attitudes

–          Religion and Tradition

–          Monarchy and Military

–          Family and Social Relationships

–          Time Out

–          Business Briefing

–          Language and Communication

Managers wishing to pursue their training may advance to Thai Cultural Diversification Training & Professional Code of Ethics Stage II. The Stage II program is delivered as a consultancy engagement assessing the Senior Manager within the context of their work environment and communications, both within and outside the organisation.  We develop specific scenarios that support the ability of the Manager to build culturally acceptable trusting relationships to advance the position of the Manager with both Thai, Asian and Western staff.

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