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Thai Alphabet

Thai Script | Final letters | มาตราตัวสะกดในภาษาไทย

How to use Final Letters in Thai ScriptLearn Thai Script and Grammar with Thai Language Hut

Thai Final letters are the sounds of the consonants that come at the end of the words or syllables.

In Thai Alphabet there are 8 standard groups of the final sounds plus one special group because there is no sound of any final letters.

As a Thai Language Teacher I find that my expat students find it difficult to remember all the groups of final sounds/final letters. It just takes time…the first thing to start with is to memorize the main sound of each final letter group. Our students at our Thai Language School benefit from many different exercises to develop their skills in this area – ie games, flash cards, tests etc. Try this too!

**แม่ ก กา คำที่ไม่มีตัวสะกด= without any final letters (the syllables basically end with vowels, no final sounds)**

1. แม่ กก (-k) / ก / which are-ก, -กร, -ข, -ค, -คร, -ฆ

2. แม่ กด (-t) / ด / which are-ด, -จ, -ต, -ถ, -ท, -ธ, -ฎ, -ฏ, -ฑ, -ฒ, -ช, -ซ, -ศ, -ษ, -ส

3. แม่ กบ (-p) / บ / which are -บ, -ป, -พ, -ภ, -ฟ

4. แม่ กน (-n) / น / which are -น, -ณ, -ญ, -ร, -ล, -ฬ

5. แม่ กง (-ng) / ง / which is -ง

6. แม่ กม (-m) / ม / which is -ม

7. แม่ เกย (-j) / ย / which is -ย

8. แม่ เกอว (-w) / ว / which is -ว

Final letter in the groups of -ก, -บ, -ดare Stop final letters

Final letter in the groups of -ง, -ม, -น, -ย, -วare Sonorant final letters

Hope this can make you understand more about the final letters/final sounds in Thai language!

Kru Mulan